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Why I Won't Be Syncing Facebook with My Palm Pre [Pre]

17:33 26.05.2009
Why I Won't Be Syncing Facebook with My Palm Pre [Pre]

I'm looking forward to finally get my hands on the Palm Pre. But according to the PreCentral forums, the way it handles contacts may make the platform unusable.

Just like on the Android-wielding G1, if you sync your Pre to your Gmail account, your contact list will populate with basically every person you've ever emailed—that is, unless you've edited it down on a regular basis.

Still, Google gives you some options with Gmail to make this work.

The Pre will take address book inconvenience one step beyond the G1 by integrating Facebook. You add your Facebook account to the Pre, and then your friends pop in to your contact list—the solitary list that manages everything from phone calls to emails on the Pre. That convenience sounds fantastic...but how many contacts do you have in Facebook? Do you really need or want that weird dude you added for high school just to be nice staring you in the face every time you go to make a phone call?

And because of the way the Facebook API is structured, you cannot tailor this contact list to your phone. It's an on or off scenario. In other words, it's time to defriend some Facebookers or just give up on Facebook on the Pre. [Forums via PreCentral]

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